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All information available in the casefiles is drawn from sources which are posted at the bottom of each page, but the writing and the graphics are Meaghan Good’s own. The background is a collage of photographs of various missing people. The pictures on the banners were scanned from Kidnapped: Child Abduction in America by Paula S. Fass, and digitally enhanced. Many of the casefiles and some of the other pages were written by Jennifer Marra for her old website, the Missing Persons Cold Case Network, and are used with permission. No copyright infringement is intended.

The contents of the Charley Project, except for the photographs of the missing, are copyright 2004 – 2008 by Meaghan Good. This website is licensed under a Creative Commons license; click on the link below for more information. Basically, you can copy, alter, and otherwise publish the contents of the Charley Project provided that proper attribution is given and you are not making money off of it.

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