Update on “We Need Help”

[UPDATE, ONE WEEK LATER]: Right after I posted the previous message the household internet crashed due to a broken router and it took our service provider six days to replace it. But we’re back now.

Thanks to your support, my family household is no longer in an immediate financial crisis. You guys have no idea how grateful my husband and I are to you guys. Like, I had been literally wondering if we could afford to feed the dog, and now that’s no longer a concern and neither is our rent, etc. You guys kept from the wolf from the door for now. Thank you so, so much.

Furthermore, a potential long term solution is now being investigated. I will share more details about that as they become available.

[PREVIOUSLY, ON JUNE 23]: We need help.

The Charley Project is funded by donations from the public and by my husband, whose teaching career kept the lights on and the internet working. Teaching doesn’t pay much but between his work and the Charley Project’s donations we kept the household running.

My husband’s teaching career has been pretty much trashed by a malicious and mentally disturbed former student he barely knew. She’s contacted his employers, friends of ours, myself etc., and posted vile lies about him on social media, and even though her false allegations were investigated by child protective authorities and my husband was exonerated, it’s made life very difficult for us. This has been going on for a couple of years now. For some time my husband has trying to find work in other fields but teaching is all he knows and all he’s ever really done; he has no experience in other fields. Right now he’s working in a restaurant and making barely above minimum wage.

We’ve about run through our savings and are behind in so many bills. We can’t afford our medications. His car has died; mine is probably about to and we can’t afford to fix it. We can’t afford groceries; his parents have been buying them. Pretty soon we won’t be able to afford lights or heat or internet.

I’m not very good at selling myself. But the Charley Project has been up for almost 20 years and has done so much good. I know of loads of people who were identified as a result of its existence. It also helps feed a vast true crime ecosystem of podcasts, YouTube channels etc. I’ve had podcasters tell me their jobs wouldn’t exist without the Charley Project.

If the Charley Project has ever helped you, I am asking you to return the favor now. Because everything is about to go dark.

A GoFundMe was startred by some lovely people in 2021. It did not meet its target but it’s still there, if you want to donate through there. You can also donate through PayPal.

I would be happy to discuss the matter further in email, at administrator@charleyproject.org.