Girly Chew Hossencofft

Girly, circa 1999; Daizien Hossencofft; Linda Henning

  • Missing Since 09/09/1999
  • Missing From Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Classification Endangered Missing
  • Sex Female
  • Race Asian
  • Date of Birth 08/27/1963 (60)
  • Age 36 years old
  • Height and Weight 5'1, 95 pounds
  • Distinguishing Characteristics Asian female. Black hair, brown eyes. Girly's ears are pierced. Her maiden name is Chew.

Details of Disappearance

Girly was born and raised in Malaysia and visited the United States in the early 1990s. She met Daizien Hossencofft, whose birth name was Armand Chavez, at a SeaWorld theme park during her vacation. They began to write letters to each other and Girly moved to the U.S. and married Daizien in 1992. The couple resided in the 3900 block of Moon Street in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Daizien has an extensive history as a confidence artist. He claimed to be a former CIA scientist and also a medical doctor. He bilked over $100,000 from cancer patients by selling them what he claimed was a cancer cure. It was actually just vitamin B-6. Daizien also claimed he was 2000 years old and had invented a youth serum.

The FBI became aware of his schemes in 1995. Daizien attempted to purchase a bioreactor from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania company under the guise of conducting cell growth experiments. The company refused to sell the device due to its potential uses and contacted the FBI, but Daizien was not arrested.

A Japanese woman in Canada gave birth to Daizien's son, Demetri, in 1996. Shortly afterwards, Daizien brought Demetri to New Mexico and told Girly he was a Mexican orphan and they were adopting him. She did not learn that the boy was her husband's biological son until 1998 or 1999.

Girly knew that Daizien was unfaithful during the course of their marriage. He was cited in a 1998 domestic violence incident after choking and threatening to kill his wife. Girly told authorities that Daizien became enraged when she confronted his previous girlfriend and the woman decided to end their relationship.

Girly moved out of their residence in January 1999, relocated to an apartment in the 8400 block of Spain Road, and took a job at a bank. She hired an attorney and initiated divorce proceedings shortly thereafter.

Girly told a coworker and an FBI agent who was investigating Daizien's exploits that he had repeatedly threatened to kill her. She told her coworker to contact authorities and ask them to investigate Daizien if anything happened to her. Girly said that she suspected he had smashed her car's windshield on two occasions after she moved out of their house. She began taking karate lessons for self-defense.

Daizien began an affair with Albuquerque resident Linda Henning during the summer of 1999. Their photos are posted with this case summary. Girly learned that Daizien was attempting to place their son for adoption with another couple around the same time. Investigators believe that he wanted his wife to drop any custodial or property rights and began plotting her murder.

Girly was last seen departing work after her shift ended on September 9, 1999. Daizien sped into his driveway on Moon Street hours later. Neighbors reported that his face and neck were covered in black greasepaint and he appeared to be wearing a forest green or camouflage-print shirt.

Girly's coworker became concerned for her welfare when she failed to arrive for her 8:00 a.m. bank shift on September 10. Her friend summoned authorities by 8:10 a.m. and reported her disappearance.

Investigators searched Girly's apartment and discovered evidence of a struggle, including pools of blood that appeared to have been wiped with bleach. Testing later determined the blood in the apartment was from Girly, Henning and a third unidentified source.

Girly's blood-splattered pink and orange shorts, green and white blouse, and green panties were discovered along Highway 60 southeast of Belen, New Mexico later in the day. The clothing had been wrapped in a bloodstained gray tarp, along with some duct tape with a strand of Henning's hair attached. Girly's purse had been discarded on a nearby street.

Prior to Girly's disappearance, Daizien told his neighbors that he was dying of leukemia and had only five months to live. He told several people that he planned to visit Toronto, Ontario, Canada or El Paso, Texas for medical treatments.

Daizien left Albuquerque on September 10 and traveled to South Carolina, where he was apprehended several weeks later. He was initially charged with placing threatening phone calls to three people in New Mexico.

In October 1999, Henning was charged with making false statements to a grand jury about Girly's disappearance. Authorities learned she believed Daizien's false claims and attempted to convince her friends that he was an established scientist.

Henning's loved ones insisted that she had been drugged or brainwashed by Daizien, as her behavior altered after beginning their relationship. Prior to her involvement with Daizien, she had never been in trouble with the law. In November 1999, both Henning and Diazien were indicted for Girly's murder.

Daizien pleaded guilty to his role in Girly's homicide in January 2002 and avoided the death penalty. He was sentenced to life plus sixty-one years in prison.

Henning pleaded not guilty to charges of first-degree murder and was tried during the summer of 2002. At her trial, Diazien testified that he was a reptilian shape-shifter and capable of being in several places at one time. He implied Girly's body had been cannibalized.

Daizien said that he allowed militia member William "Bill" Miller to murder Girly for practice before the climax with the alien "New World Order." Because of the blood evidence in Girly's apartment, authorities believe Henning may have injured during a struggle with Girly prior to Girly's presumed homicide.

Daizien claimed that he stopped at his estranged wife's apartment at a prearranged time on September 9 and attempted to clean the blood and additional evidence left at the scene. Daizien said he returned to his home and located a refrigerated vial of an unidentified woman's blood. He occasionally obtained blood samples from others under the guise of scientific research.

Daizien claimed that the vial broke before he could pour it inside Girly's apartment to throw investigators off the track. He said that he used a sample of Henning's blood in its place and diluted it with bleach in an attempt to impede DNA testing.

Daizien maintained that Henning was not involved in Girly's murder; he implicated Miller as the sole attacker. Henning was found guilty of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy, perjury and evidence tampering, but was acquitted of ten other charges. She was sentenced to seventy-three years in prison and was spared the death penalty.

Investigators did not believe Miller was responsible for the murder and he was only charged with evidence tampering. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to ten months' probation.

Daizien has never revealed the location of his wife's remains, but authorities believe Girly's body is probably within Socorro County, possibly along U.S. 60 near Datil. Foul play is suspected in her disappearance due to the circumstances involved.

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