Kristi Lynn Vorak

Kristi, circa 1982; Age-progression to age 43 (circa 2012); Ridgway's 1982 mugshot; Ridgway's 2001 mugshot; Ridgway's pickup truck

  • Missing Since 10/31/1982
  • Missing From Tacoma, Washington
  • Classification Endangered Missing
  • Sex Female
  • Race White
  • Date of Birth 10/21/1969 (54)
  • Age 13 years old
  • Height and Weight 5'3, 110 pounds
  • Associated Vehicle(s) Dark-colored pickup truck (accounted for)
  • Distinguishing Characteristics Caucasian female. Brown hair, hazel eyes. Due to a birth defect, Kristi's left middle finger is about an inch shorter than average.

Details of Disappearance

Kristi was living with a foster family in Tacoma, Washington in 1982. She was last seen on Halloween night, October 31, 1982. She may have been sighted later in the evening at a bus depot in Seattle, Washington, but this report has not been confirmed.

Kristi disappeared that night and has never been seen again. She did not have a history as a runaway or a record for prostitution, but she did frequent the streets of Tacoma and neighboring areas. Her mother believes she may be alive and living in the Seattle area, but investigators believe she is deceased.

Kristi's name was added to the list of probable victims of the Green River serial killer in May 1993. It is believed Kristi was a victim of the murderer due to her location in the northwest United States, where many young women disappeared and/or were murdered by the suspected assailant, between 1982 and 1984. Other possible victims of the murderer may include Patricia Osborn, Patricia LeBlanc, Kasee Lee, Deborah Wims, Louise Sanders and Keli McGinness.

Gary Allen Ridgway was charged with aggravated murder in four of the deaths linked to the Green River killer(s) in December 2001. Photos of Ridgway are posted with this case summary. He had been one of the suspects in the case since 1984. Authorities questioned him that year after witnesses placed him with two of the victims and his pickup truck was identified as being at the scene of the victims' last known locations.

Ridgway's home was searched in 1987 and he provided a saliva sample at that time. DNA testing was performed on the saliva in 2001 and matched three of the victims: Opal Mills, Marcia Chapman and Cynthia Hinds. The women's bodies had been discovered in the Green River near Seattle in August 1982. Ridgway was connected to the fourth victim, Carol Christensen, through circumstantial evidence.

Ridgway was arrested twice for soliciting prostitution; once in 1982 and again in October 2001. Many of the Green River victims were runaways or prostitutes. A 1980 charge against Ridgway was dropped when a prostitute claimed he choked her. Ridgway told authorities that he attacked her in self-defense, as she was allegedly biting him.

One of his former wives came forward after his 2001 arrest and claimed that Ridgway preferred to have sexual relations outdoors. She also said that he often employed a chokehold while engaged in sexual activity. A prostitute who stated Ridgway paid her for sex in the early 1980s supported the story, stating that he attempted to choke her during intercourse.

Ridgway's residence and his parents' home were searched after his 2001 arrest. Authorities discovered an envelope containing bone fragments, tufts of human hair, numerous blood stains, boxes of latex gloves, costume jewelry and several wigs. Many of the assumed Green River victims were missing jewelry and/or wigs at the time their remains were discovered.

Ridgway is married and his neighbors considered him to be a family-oriented individual. Profilers have said that he does not fit the mold of most accused serial killers, as he did not seek attention for his crimes.

Prosecutors announced in April 2002 that they would seek the death penalty in Ridgway's case. Authorities located several of his former vehicles and purchased his pickup truck and camper from their owners in May 2002. A photo of his truck is posted with this case summary. Ridgway owned it during the early 1980s, the time when many of the victims disappeared or were discovered deceased. Investigators stated that they hoped to uncover evidence related to the murder cases inside the vehicles.

In a surprise move, Ridgway pleaded guilty to 48 counts of murder in November 2003. He agreed to cooperate with authorities in exchange for them dropping the death penalty specifications against him. Ridgway will serve life in prison with parole instead of facing execution.

Many investigators believe Ridgway was responsible for more deaths than he claims. Authorities are continuing to investigate the cases of missing and murdered young women in Washington state, which they believe may be tied to Ridgway. If they can prove he was responsible for any murders outside of King County, he could be prosecuted and face the death penalty.

Foul play is suspected in Kristi's disappearance due to the circumstances involved.

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